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Can I install the dash kit myself?
You certainly can, simply by using our easy step-by-step instructions for installing a dash kit. Almost all of our customers perform the installation by themselves. Please read through all of the instructions before you beginning the installation. If you require any form of assistance in installing the dash kit, please call our customer service.

What is the difference between flat and molded dash kits?
Molded dash kits are 3D formed to precisely fit the shape of your contoured dash pieces. The molded pieces curve around the edges of the factory dash. Usually molded dash kits are made for trucks and SUV's that have large rounded-edge dash panels. Flat dash kits are more common. They have flat pieces that go on flat or slightly curved dash surfaces. When flat pieces are warmed, they become flexible, and curve to the shape of the dash. Some kits are a combination of flat and molded pieces.

What should I do if I damage a piece during installation?
Though the kits are designed for a trouble-free installation, it is still possible to run into problems. If this should happen, email us for assistance at [email protected] or call our customer service at 1-800-505-DASH. Our team of trained and experienced representatives will be glad to assist you. In order for us to help you as quickly as possible, please have the diagram code, finish color, and the damaged part number on hand. In case the part has to be replaced, we will exchange it for a small charge depending on the part that was damaged. For real wood finishes, you will be asked to mail us the damaged piece to insure the exact color match for the replacement part.

Can I remove the trim after installation?
Our trim products are designed to be permanent. If you remove the dash trim, you will need to install another trim in its place.

How long does it take to get the dash kit?
Items that are in stock at the time of the order and that are paid for with a credit card will be shipped the next business day. For quick, safe, and convenient service, we use FedEx, USPS, & UPS shipping. Custom dash kits, or kits that are not currently in stock, will require approximately 6-9 business days to be shipped. Please refer to our Shipping and Ordering section for more information.

How do I choose from so many finish types?
Our trained staff has many years of experience installing dash kits and we can assist you in the best choice for your vehicle's interior. To narrow the choices, decide between straight-grain wood and burled wood. If you want your dash kit to stand out and be noticed, choose a light-colored wood for a dark interior or a dark-colored wood for a light interior. For a kit to blend in, choose a light color for a light interior and dark one for a dark interior. In general, gray-toned or black interiors fit well with red tone woods and tan interiors go well with brown and orange tone woods. Carbon fibers and silver-tone finishes generally fit with gray and black interiors.

Will the new kit match with the factory installed wood in my car?
Many vehicles come with partially installed factory wood. When looking for a dash kit for your vehicles model, you will see the Factory Match kits that are especially designed to complement the existing wood in your vehicle. We will provide you with the closest match to your original wood dash.

What is the warranty on the dash kits?
All wood kits come with a lifetime warranty against cracking and fading. If you have experience any problem with the dash kit, contact our customer service. For more information refer to our warranty section.

What if I don't see the dash kit for my car on your website?
We are constantly updating our inventory. We are also able to order custom parts. Please contact our customer service, and 99% of the time we will find a wood dash kit for your vehicle.

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